Maternity Nursing Pillow

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Multi-function Maternity / Nursing Pillow

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Maternity Nursing Pillow

Flexibility offers great comfort during pregnancy and makes breast feeding very easy.

How to use during pregnancy?

  • Tie around the waist line to hold the weight of the belly while sitting
  • Fold half and hold between the legs while laying down sideways

How to use for breast feeding? (Try the different ideas to hold the baby’s weight and pick your favourite)

  • Simply tie around the neck
  • Tie around the neck with one arm under – like you do with a side bag (this is my recommendation as one arm has more movement)
  • Tie around you belly

Do I get any additional use of the Maternity Nursing Pillow after giving birth? Of course!

  • Tie it in “U” shape to form a soft cocoon for your baby after feeding

Cover design may vary between those seen on pictures!

Wash cover in regular 30-40° cycle.

Wash inside part only if necessary. Strictly hand-wash and hang-dry!


See additional information for packaging size if ordered individually.

Also see shipping policy for back orders if size or colour is not in stock.

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